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About the Campaign

Why we desperately need to buy this place?


  • Property management has refused to review our current Masjid lease beyond July, 2019
  • If we don’t find another place, we may have to close our Masjid
  • It is very rare that a building goes on sale near our current Masjid location
  • The new place is 4 times bigger than our current facility
  • Currently we are running our programs from 4 different locations and this place will help us to run all activities from one location
  • This place will enable us to run a masjid, a day school, an evening madrassah, a weekend school, a food bank and more activities.

Donate for this cause and


  • get a great reward for helping us build a masjid
  • get a house build for you in Jannah, inshaAllah
  • get reward for helping us avoid paying interest
  • enable us to meet our community’s spiritual needs and inshaAllah Allah will meet your needs

Your money will go towards creating:

  • 300+ Prayer Spaces (approx 200 more than our current space)
  • Separate areas for men and women
  • youth activities area (ping-pong table etc)
  • Communal/Dining area to invite Non-Muslims for Dawah work and for creating brotherhood within the Masjid and our Community.
  • A day school, evening madrassah and weekend classes catering over 400 current students
  • Multi-Purpose areas for Meetings/Classroom/Sisters Activities
  • Foodbank for over 1000 current clients


About Us:

We are running a masjid and a number of other activities in our community for over 15 years on leased properties. The property management of our current masjid has refused to renew our lease and there is a threat that we may be forced to close the masjid. We have a golden opportunity to acquire a nearby building and move our current Alfalah masjid and all other activities to this permanent place before our lease expires. As part of this deal, we desperately need to raise $1.1 Million before July 1st, 2019. We have a very limited time and don’t want to lose this excellent opportunity. We also don’t want to get any interest based loans, we desperately need help to raise funds for this noble cause.

Contact US

Alfalah Center
2401 47 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 4P6
tel: 780-988-2239